Mt. Shasta, California (PRWEB) March 18, 2009 — There’s a new kind of sexy correspondence happening between environmentally conscious singles on a popular “green dating” site, Conversations may include his steaming hot composting methods or her choice of eco-conscious clothing made from bamboo and hemp. In the singles world, this new “sexy” has nothing to do with how much money he makes or how “hot” she looks. It’s more about the size of his carbon footprint and how she turns off the water while shaving her legs.

News ImageWhy are these hybrid-driving, organic buying, recycling fanatics flocking to online dating sites like Planet Earth Singles? Global warming, pollution and overpopulation are strongly influencing people’s priorities, including the type of person they want to meet, date, and ultimately marry. Proving the increasing popularity and growing demand for eco-friendly dating sites, Planet Earth Singles, launched on Earth Day 2006, has quickly grown to approximately 40,000 members.

Katherine Cook, a member of Planet Earth Singles says, “I’m not that comfortable meeting a man by commenting on his ‘nicely shaped eggplant’ while shopping in the produce section. Plus it’s impossible to tell if he’s single let alone recycles. Being able to go online and easily find single, available, environmentally-conscious men makes meeting someone so much easier.”

Green online dating sites like Planet Earth Singles work because they attract only environmentally-conscious singles, so the pool of members has already been “screened” simply by the nature of the site. Ranging from serious activists to casual conservationists, all members have one thing in common; they consider themselves ‘green singles’ looking to meet the same. As a member, one can use specific search criteria to narrow the field of potential candidates and zoom in on those that are truly good matches. For example: one can search for vegan, liberal, Libras. Members also find the Sexual IQ (Intimacy Quotient) and Compatibility test unique compared to other online dating sites, and quite effective.

Jill Crosby, avid environmentalist and owner and founder of says she is touched by the moving success stories from her many members that have found true love. Crosby states, ”It’s extremely rewarding to provide such a successful opportunity for “green singles” to meet each other and ‘rise’ (not fall) in love.”

One of many success stories is that of Paula, a writer, and Ken, an Eco-Real Estate Broker, who met on Planet Earth Singles four months ago. ”I know our paths would have never crossed without Planet Earth Singles,” says Ken. “We live 3 hours away from each other, so we weren’t exactly going to meet at the local juice bar.” Paula and Ken now spend most of their time at one another’s homes, cooking romantic meals together made from locally grown, organic food, lathering each other up in the shower to conserve water and traveling to tantric getaways by train or in Paula’s Prius.

Now that environmentalism is hot, eco-sexy singles are finding sites like Planet Earth Singles to be the new route to green love; not the jealous green, but the eco-friendly green. Thanks to this latest online dating trend, expect to see lots of hip, new couples this Earth Day toasting shots of wheatgrass juice to newly sprouted love and growing organically ever after. Who knew tree hugging could be so sexy?